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The Ubers UU discord is having a prediction contest to see who can get the best prediction of what will drop from Ubers to Ubers UU in January. We're playing via a google form linked here, and the winner gets to add a custom emoji to the discord. The leaderboard will be posted both here and in the discord, so try to get as high a score as possible!

How to play:

  • You get points for predicting whether a pokemon will drop from Ubers to Ubers UU
  • Points were based approximately on how likely each pokemon is to drop
  • If you guess something will drop that doesn't, you lose half the points you would have gained.
  • No penalty (or reward) if you don't predict something will drop
  • If you think there is a shitmon (blastoise, vileplume, zebstrika etc) that WILL NOT fall to Ubers UU and will remain in Ubers, you are allowed one "Hail Mary" guess to earn tons of points
  • If you have any questions you can dm me KineSquared or FluffyPets, the discord mod running the game.
Use this page to chat about what you think will/will not drop! Happy Holidays!
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